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On the 29th of August it was a moment of pride for me to be the representative of YMP at IFC’s Powered by Women Round Table Discussion. YMP has committed to two initiatives in IFC’s Powered by Women Program in June 2019. The first one is the “Engagement of women as the stakeholders in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment” and the second initiative is to hire women into “Non-traditional Jobs”.  My colleague Htut Myat and I presented YMP’s activities and achievements on our two commitments in front of peers and the management teams of other companies who have made similar commitments.

Besides my role as Assistant to the CEO, I am also responsible for community engagement. In this additional role, I travel to villages and conduct meetings to explain our electricity services to households. As part of our commitment to engage women as stakeholders, I ensure that the women of the village understand the costs and benefits of our service so that they can participate in their respective households’ decision making to sign up for YMP service or not.

As part of the second commitment, YMP has hired women into non-traditional jobs that involve traveling to work sites in rural areas and managing workers, who are generally all male. I am proud of my colleagues like Kim who took up the role of Project Coordinator and May Thu who as Quality Engineer is responsible for quality, safety etc. at our project sites. The involvement of women in non-traditional or male dominated jobs can bring fresh ideas and perspectives that can benefit the company while also providing new experiences and personal growth to those women who choose to venture into them. I hope more women will step up and step into this opportunity YMP is providing not just to make this program successful but for overall empowerment of women.

I am looking forward to presenting our progress and achievements in March 2020 again as the IFC program comes to a conclusion.

-Shwe Sin Phue Hlaing, Assistant to the CEO

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