Everyone can now sell electricity – what does this mean for us?

Published by Energy Insider (GovInsider x Asian Utility Week) on 18th Nov 2019

A decentralised form of energy supply is taking hold across Asia. What will this mean for suppliers and regulators?

The promise of microgrids

In rural Myanmar, microgrids are providing villages disconnected from the main grid with electricity. Yoma Micro Power is building solar-powered microgrids backed up by diesel generators and batteries. It plans to build 2000 of these by the end of 2022, its CEO Alakesh Chetia told GovInsider. They are quicker to build than waiting for the government to expand the national grid infrastructure, he says. “From the time you order materials and they arrive in Myanmar, through to commissioning the power plant, you’re looking at for four to five months,” he says of microgrids.


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