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Yoma Micro Power has set up its 250th solar-hybrid power plant in rural Myanmar, with the innovative renewable energy plants expected to deliver power for the first time to an estimated 25,000 people across the country, according to a press release.

Under a unique business model, Yoma Micro Power uses the solar-hybrid plants to generate and distribute affordable, reliable and clean energy to telecom towers, as well as deliver much needed energy to people not connected to the grid. After a successful pilot project that built 10 power plants in 2017-2018, Yoma Micro Power started the rollout to build 250 power plants in March last year. The success of this rollout demonstrates the scalability of Yoma Micro Power’s business model and the ability of such a business model to bring much needed Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) into the country to augment its electricity generation and distribution infrastructure.


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