Rural Electrification

YMP builds and operates solar mini-grids to electrify off-grid villages, directly improving the lives of more than 25,000 people as of 2022. With standard electricity available in a village 24×7, kids can study at night, housewives can cook with electric appliances, health clinics can provide better care to patients and diesel generators go quiet and stop emitting green house gases (GHG) responsible for global warming.
YMP founder and CEO Alakesh Chetia explains the business model YMP is using for serving the unserved through rural electrification in a video shot on location at the celebration of the completion of YMP’s 250th solar power plant on March 6th, 2020.
When we first set out to understand the needs of our unelectrified rural customers they told us about their sleepless nights from the noise of diesel generators and the inability to use appliances like rice cookers.
After their village was electrified, a housewife told us about how it has saved her from foraging for firewood and from inhaling the unhealthy smoke while cooking.
A rural health officer told us about how they went from delivering babies at nighttime using torch lights to being able to treat any patient at any time with YMP’s 24-hour electricity service.